Tea Course



After the following courses, you will get a general picture of Chinese tea and learn Gongfu style brewing method to make a good cup of tea for yourself and your friends.

1. Introduction to Chinese tea and 6 types of teas

- origin, history, development, tea leaves, tea tree

- differences between Chinese tea and western tea

- how do we classify the 6 type and what they look like (samples)

2. How to make a good cup of tea

- The components of a tea ceremony 

- What is Chinese gongfu-style flash brewing

- Three key factors of tea-brewing

- Tea suggestions per season and time of day.  

3. The spirit of tea

- Tea ceremony performance

- Purity, Peace, Tranquility, Truth

- Taste Zen in Tea

- Enjoy the moment


After the following courses, you are able to distinguish different types of teas and the most well-known teas in each category. You could assess the quality of teas based on fragrance, flavor, and leaf appearance. Standard tea samples from China are available during each session. 

1. Green tea 

2. Black tea

3. White tea 

4. Oolong tea 

5. Yellow tea & dark tea(after-fermented tea)

6. Benefits of tea (physical) finding out the tea that fits your body

7. Benefits of tea (spiritual) Meditation, healing benefit

8. Tea-brewing practice session

Tea tasting (Optional)  

how many tea tasting sessions depends on the requirements of students, this practice is to guide students how to appreciate tea and tell the quality of tea.


The following courses are provided for those who want to get a deeper understanding of Chinese tea or those who plan to get involved in tea industry.


1. Standards of tea tasting, how to do professional tea tasting 

2. Pu’er I making process of raw Pu’er and ripe Pu’er

3. Pu’er II six famous mountains, how to age Pu’er 

4.  Pu’er tasting

5. White tea (Silver Needle, White Peony, Shou Mei, Aged White Tea) 

6. Rock tea from Wuyi Mountain

7. Teaware study how to choose teapot/cups, Yixing teapot

8. Tea aesthetics Chinese painting, calligraphy, flower arrangement and incense ceremony

9. Tea-brewing practice 

10.  Tea production the procedures to produce tea

●  Field trip to tea gardens (Optional) 


The Book of Tea by Kakuzo Okakura

Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

The Classic Book of Tea by Lu Yu

The Spirit of Chinese People by Hung-ming Ku


Each session is 100 mins (80 mins teaching and 20 mins Q&A).

Outline is sent to students before each session.

Tea courses could be customized.One-to-one session at beginning level is $100, medium level is $120, advanced level is $150.

If there are more than one student in one session, 20% is off to each student.

Additional transportation fees of $60 is charged if the session is in the student’s place.